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Mirror your GitHub wiki with ease.

This Laravel 5 packages allows you to easily mirror the documentation on your GitHub wiki. This package has a simple configuration file and one single customizable view to allow you to have full control over the presentation of your documentation.


  • Add the package to your installation using composer composer require ikkentim/wikiclone.
  • Add the service provider to your config/app.php. Under providers add:
  • Add the following routes to your app/Http/routes.php file (feel free to modify the URLs):
Route::post('/', '\Ikkentim\WikiClone\Http\Controllers\WebhookController@trigger');
Route::get('/{page?}', '\Ikkentim\WikiClone\Http\Controllers\DocumentationController@index')
    ->where('page', '(.*)');
  • Important! The webhook used to update the website when the GitHub wiki is updated can't function properly when you have enabled the VerifyCsrfToken middleware (which is enabled by default). You can disable it by editing app/Http/Kernel.php and removing \App\Http\Middleware\VerifyCsrfToken::class. If you're using this Laravel installation for other things besides WikiClone, be sure to re-enable the VerifyCsrfToken middleware for routers other than the ones you added above to keep your website secure.
  • Publish the assets from this package using the php artisan vendor:publish command.
  • Open the config/wikiclone.php configuration file and edit the repository value to the github repository you intend to mirror.
  • Configure a webhook on the GitHub repository you're mirroring.
    • On the repository's page, click on Settings > Webhooks & services > Add webhook
    • Under Payload URL enter the URL to the route to WebhookController@trigger you've added to your routes file a few steps back.
    • Under Secret enter your webhook secret as configured in your wikiclone configuration file. By default this is set to your APP_KEY from your .env file.
    • Under 'Which events would you like to trigger with this webhook?' select Let me select individual events and uncheck Push and check Gollum.
  • You can now edit the resources/views/vendor/wikiclone/documentation.blade.php view to your liking.
  • (optional) Run the command php artisan wiki:update to re-fetch the documentation from the GitHub wiki.